Hi all,

More in i915 for 4.12:

- designware i2c fixes from Hans de Goede, in a topic branch shared
  with other subsystems (maybe, they didn't confirm, but requested the
- drop drm_panel usage from the intel dsi vbt panel (Jani)
- vblank evasion improvements and tracing (Maarten and Ville)
- clarify spinlock irq semantics again a bit (Tvrtko)
- new ->pwrite backend hook (right now just for shmem pageche writes),
  from Chris
- more planar/ccs work from Ville
- hotplug safe connector iterators everywhere
- userptr fixes (Chris)
- selftests for cache coloring eviction (Matthew Auld)
- extend debugfs drop_caches interface for shrinker testing (Chris)
- baytrail "the rps kills the machine" fix (Chris)
- use new atomic state iterators, a lot (Maarten)
- refactor guc/huc code some (Arkadiusz Hiler)
- tighten breadcrumbs rbtree a bit (Chris)
- improve wrap-around and time handling in rps residency counters
- split reset-in-progress in two flags, backoff and handoff (Chris)
- other misc reset improvements from a few people
- bunch of vgpu interaction fixes with recent code changes
- misc stuff all over, as usual

Happy testing!

Cheers, Daniel

Daniel Vetter
Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
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