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> The major scaling bottleneck in execbuffer is the processing of the
> execobjects. Creating an auxiliary list is inefficient when compared to
> using the execobject array we already have allocated.
> Reservation is then split into phases. As we lookup up the VMA, we
> try and bind it back into active location. Only if that fails, do we add
> it to the unbound list for phase 2. In phase 2, we try and add all those
> objects that could not fit into their previous location, with fallback
> to retrying all objects and evicting the VM in case of severe
> fragmentation. (This is the same as before, except that phase 1 is now
> done inline with looking up the VMA to avoid an iteration over the
> execobject array. In the ideal case, we eliminate the separate reservation
> phase). During the reservation phase, we only evict from the VM between
> passes (rather than currently as we try to fit every new VMA). In
> testing with Unreal Engine's Atlantis demo which stresses the eviction
> logic on gen7 class hardware, this speed up the framerate by a factor of
> 2.
> The second loop amalgamation is between move_to_gpu and move_to_active.
> As we always submit the request, even if incomplete, we can use the
> current request to track active VMA as we perform the flushes and
> synchronisation required.
> The next big advancement is to avoid copying back to the user any
> execobjects and relocations that are not changed.
> v2: Add a Theory of Operation spiel.
> v3: Fall back to slow relocations in preparation for flushing userptrs.
> v4: Document struct members, factor out eb_validate_vma(), add a few
> more comments to explain some magic and hide other magic behind macros.
> Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <ch...@chris-wilson.co.uk>

Changelog checks out. Assuming you peeked at the generated html docs:

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