Op 04-08-17 om 09:50 schreef Chris Wilson:
> Quoting Maarten Lankhorst (2017-08-02 11:29:17)
>> Export 2 functions, igt_signal_helper_get_num and
>> igt_signal_helper_get_hz.
>> This will allow tests to measure how much time in a test was spent
>> in a uninterruptible state, which is useful when testing whether
>> certain ioctl's can be interrupted or not.
> Use sig_ioctl, the purpose of that wrapper is to measure whether or not it
> was interrupted. Refine it to suit your purposes, it is the surgical
> scalpel compared to the shotgun of signal_helper.
> -Chris

I've been using the igt display helpers now so I don't have to worry about the 
ioctl's. Using sig_ioctl would mean having to perform the ioctl's myself, and 
that makes the code a lot more verbose..

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