On 12-02-18 18:42, Pandiyan, Dhinakaran wrote:
On Mon, 2018-02-12 at 09:45 +0100, Hans de Goede wrote:

On 12-02-18 07:08, Dhinakaran Pandiyan wrote:
PSR currently when enabled results in semi-permanent freezes or noticeable
cursor lags.

https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/37598/ will fix long freezes due
to frame counter resets.

This series has three more fixes -
Patch 1 eliminates PSR exit for flips and makes us rely on the HW to do it.
Patch 2 fixes cusor move lag by relying on HW to exit PSR.
Patch 3 fixes temporary freeze seen with fbdev.

With both the series applied, PSR on my SKL ThinkPad feels pretty good.

Thank you for your great work on this.

Are there any more PSR fixes in the pipeline?

Yeah, there are a few more fixes that I hope will appear on the list in
the next two weeks or so.

Ok, can you send a mail when you're done (in sofar any software is ever
"done") and you would like me to ask all people who have been kind enough
to test PSR to retest ?

If not I think I should do
a custom Fedora kernel build based on 4.15 + recent fixes and ask all my
testers to retest with that.

I do have some questions before I do this:

1) I believe that only testers with skylake (normal or LP) or newer should
re-test, correct?

These fixes do apply for HSW/BDW, so essentially all the big cores
supporting PSR. But, HSW/BDW need fixes for AUX channel-PSR interaction
also. I haven't looked into CHV/VLV.

2) I know there are 2 series (including this one), can someone provide a link
to the latest patchwork version of those 2 series, or even better a git
branch with 4.15 + those patches? Any patches I'm missing if I pick up these
2 series?


3) I'm thinking 4.15 atm, but I could also do a 4.16-rc1 test kernel instead
if that would be better, would that be better ?

I can't think of any diff that would affect PSR, but the latest is
better I suppose.



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