Until now, the drm-intel commit access have been handed out ad hoc,
without transparency, consistency, or fairness. With pressure to add
more committers, this is no longer tenable, if it ever was. Document the
requirements and expectations around becoming a drm-intel committer.

The drm-intel maintainers believe that a reasonable level of experience
and track record of working on the driver, as well as actively engaging
in the community upstream, are necessary before becoming a committer.

While the requirements outlined here may seem strict in contrast with
many projects, it seems easier to start strict and relax the
requirements later on as needed than the other way round.

v2: Address some of the concerns brought up by Daniel, and try to align
    the structure with the proposed igt rules.

v3: Update commit message.

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+ Commit Access
+The drm-misc and drm-intel repositories operate in a maintainer/committer model
+with a large pool committers who can push patches in accordance with the stated
+merge criteria, and maintainers handling pull requests, topic branches, merges,
+and so on.
+This document outlines the requirements for becoming a committer.
+See :ref:`drm-misc`.
+Commit rights will be granted to anyone who requests them and fulfills the
+following criteria:
+- Has contributed at least 25 patches to i915 driver that have already been
+  merged upstream. Most of the patches must be non-trivial, not just simple
+  spelling or style fixes or code movement.
+- Has reviewed at least 25 patches from other developers to i915 driver that
+  have already been merged upstream. Again, most of the reviewed patches must 
+  non-trivial.
+- Are actively participating in discussions about their work and areas of
+  expertise on the project communication channels (the intel-gfx mailing list,
+  #intel-gfx freenode IRC channel, and freedesktop.org bugzilla).
+- Has been active in the past year (at least some commits or reviews on i915
+  driver).
+- Will be regularly contributing further patches. This includes regular
+  contributors to other parts of the open source graphics stack who only do the
+  occasional patch within i915 itself.
+- Agrees to use their commit rights in accordance with the documented merge
+  criteria, tools, and processes.
+The above criteria are in place to encourage and require committers are 
+and broadly engaged upstream, and that they are acquainted and comfortable with
+the open collaboration model we have. To ensure the committers have enough
+experience to gauge reasonably well how much review a patch needs, and whether
+it needs acks from domain experts or maintainers before pushing.
+Access Request
+Apply for an account (and any other account change requests, including commit
+rights if you already have an account) through
+Maintainer acks are required to confirm commit rights. Please ping the
+maintainers if your request is stuck.
+Maintainers may rate limit adding new committers to ensure there's enough
+bandwidth to properly support ramp-up on the tools and processes. In this case,
+the maintainers will pledge to add at least two new committers per month,
+loosely prioritized based on commits, reviews, and in-flight patches.
+Committers are encouraged to request their commit rights get removed when they
+no longer contribute to the project. Commit rights will be automatically 
+after a year of inactivity (no commits or reviews). Commit rights will be
+reinstated when they come back to the project.
+Maintainers and committers should encourage contributors to request commit
+Code of Conduct
+Please be aware the freedesktop.org Code of Conduct also applies to i915:
+See the MAINTAINERS file for contact details of the i915 maintainers.
+Abuse of commit rights, like engaging in commit fights or willfully pushing
+patches that violate the documented merge criteria or process, will also be
+handled through the Code of Conduct enforcement process. Violations may lead to
+temporary or permanent account or commit rights suspension according to
+freedesktop.org umbrella rules.
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+   commit-access

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