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With the introduction of display uncore, we want to categorize registers
between display and non-display. To help us getting it right, it will
be useful to move the display registers to a new file that can be used
without including i915_reg.h. To allow that, move all the basic register
type definitions and helpers to i915_reg_types.h and include that
instead of i915_reg.h from header files in the driver. We'll then
be able to replace i915_reg.h with the new display-only header in
display files and make sure the registers are correctly

maybe this split should another way:

        i915_reg.h = basic typedefs and macros
        intel_reg.h = register definitions
        intel_display_reg.h = display related regs (your goal)
        intel_guc_reg.h = GuC related regs (we already have that!)

then we follow the rule to use i915_ prefix for driver specific
code and intel_ prefix for hardware originated definitions

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