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>> > 
>> > I got confirmation from the Hardware guys that KBL does need to run
>> > the
>> > SAGV code, and it has the same latency as SKL. Also, all SKL
>> > production
>> > steppings need to run the SAGV code.
>> Can you get confirmation what's the first shipped production
>> stepping?
> https://01.org/sites/default/files/documentation/intel-gfx-prm-osrc-skl
> -vol04-configurations.pdf#page=15
> But I have to admit that I still have pre-prod machines and it would be
> very convenient to me if they keep working :)

I think that's a false convenience. If you're developing or testing
stuff on early hardware, you run the risk of having issues only related
to that hardware, already fixed in production. Regression reports from
people running early hardware risk stalling otherwise valid patches for
the wrong reasons.


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