On 9/9/2016 10:13 PM, Chris Wilson wrote:
On Fri, Sep 09, 2016 at 06:21:44PM +0530, Sagar Arun Kamble wrote:
With SLPC, user can read this value to know SLPC requested frequency.
Not SLPC specific, even elsewhere there may be a delay between the cur
value and the req (just means something more on SLPC).
cur_freq is updated whenever RPNSWREQ is written so they should be same right?
Where will delay come into picture?

Though I'm never keen on expanding the stable ABI, I can't object to
this given the existence of the others - but I will ask for a use case
other than debug.
For testing SLPC requests from Host side we have to rely on read of RPNSWREQ

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