Hi all,

New -testing cycle with cool stuff:
- refactor the sseu code (Imre)
- refine guc dmesg output (Dave Gordon)
- more vgpu work
- more skl wm fixes (Lyude)
- refactor dpll code in prep for upfront link training (Jim Bride et al)
- consolidate all platform feature checks into intel_device_info (Carlos Santa)
- refactor elsp/execlist submission as prep for re-submission after hang
  recovery and eventually scheduling (Chris Wilson)
- allow synchronous gpu reset handling, to remove tricky/impossible/fragile
  error recovery code (Chris Wilson)
- prep work for nonblocking (execlist) submission, using fences to track
  depencies and drive elsp submission (Chris Wilson)
- partial error recover/resubmission of non-guilty batches after hangs (Chris 
- full dma-buf implicit fencing support (Chris Wilson)
- dp link training fixes (Jim, Dhinkaran, Navare, ...)
- obey dp branch device pixel rate/bpc/clock limits (Mika Kahola), needed for
  many vga dongles
- bunch of small cleanups and polish all over, as usual

Happy testing!

Cheers, Daniel

Daniel Vetter
Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
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