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Interesting device with outrageous power gain claims;


12/05/05 - 2KW in, 40KW out?

A.I. Koldomasovs device piezo-electrically vibrates a mix of waters through a special dielectric material to produce heat energy in more abundance than the energy which powers the oscillator.

The device is reported to put out 40 kilowatts of heat energy with only two kilowatts of electrical input. Last year Dr. Josef Gruber described a visit to the research institute where Koldomasov is managing engineer.

Koldomasov discovered the new energy source while observing cavitation - implosions in water such as found in water hammer in pipes. Gruber showed a photograph of the small device, filled with pure water mixed with only one per cent deuterium (heavy water).

Although there are no spark plugs or similar equipment, electrical discharge could be seen. Energy comes out in the form of both heat and electrical current.

Depending on kind and location of the magnets, DC or AC (electricity) may be observed. Gruber said testing revealed 2000 per cent excess energy.
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