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I received the following from Ed Heft in Mexico, thought it might be of interest here since it claims cures;
Dr Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati is a very rare individual who understands his training and is appling it to help us all. It has been my privilage to converse with him many times since last October via Telephone & e-mail.

One of his many publications is " Get All The Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS "

Now, that is a direct afront to the Powers that declare our diseases, and not many such ethical and honest persons have survived professionally or businesswise after direct attacks from the "Gazilla" Professor Peter H. Dueseberg, Phd., is one specific example.

I strongly recommend you all purchase Dr Mohammed's book after really study it, for there is very real evidence that most of what drugs we are being poisoned with are really the causes for our illnesses.

Catch his work on his web site [EMAIL PROTECTED]
his Fax is;;   707-678-4484

He is a chartable man, and deserves all our support in his work on telling the real causes of AIDS,, and also his lone and successful work in proving the "SHAKEN BABY SYMDROME" is a NON-SCIENTIFIC mis-diagnoses, for which innocent persons are unjustly being imprisoned. Please check this Super-Guy out and "GET SMART"

My personal observations here in Mexico with the AIDS Demo this winter Quickly showed just how quickly the so-called AIDS/HIV is reversed.

Dietary discipline, along with an oxidation catalyst was swift and effective in eliminating [I don't mean reducing, ELIMINATING!!!] the accepted symptoms. Had I not witnessed everyday the activities of these 3 cases, It would be difficult for me to accept what I've just stated.

I repeat, to not explore Dr Mohammed's work that is so well documented and accepted in the courts as evidence is to choose to remain ignorant. That is a blunt statement, I realize, but, I guess I'm just getting tired of the Stupidity and Lies that we are living on.
A 2nd email provided the following;

We had a full blown HIV/AIDS 20 yr old Female that got 2-3 day relief from her symptoms, including chronic migranes, Stomach problems with digestion and gross overweight problems. Her energy levels raised so much that we got her Melatonin to let her sleep.

She was a drug user, prostute and total junk food addict. With 3 kids, 4, 2.5 and 1 year old, her husband died of AIDS last October, she was a destitute case.

Her 1 yr old baby just lay where she put him and only cried when hungry. Within two weeks, he came alive, started to & became an accomplished crawler and on day 20 & 21 was actually standing with one arem/hand on the wall/door, having lifted himself up by his leags, while holding his
balance by his hand.

This was just increditable to observe. OH!!!!, yes, the two growths behind his left ear were almost gone within 2 weeks.

I could go on, but, I think you get the idea. AIDS is very curable and totally without any chemical drugs!!!! --- they are one component of the cause!!!

The Dotto bed is giving the user some neurological support, and Dr Romero is using it with most of his cancer patients. We don't know enough about it's very benefits yet.
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