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Bob Nelson over at Rex Research provided this information, its way too big a file at 40MB for me to download on my slow dialup!!!
I received this link from an associate ( --- who btw replicated the Meyers Absorber on his first attempt, got 3 V/25 mA, using rare earth magnets -- so the effect isnt due to ferromagnetism, but rather apparently diamagnetism ):


Let the timer run down 45 seconds, then save the video (monster: 40 megs)...

It's a German guy demonstrating a pyramid power free energy generator, running a computer fan, cranking out 8.5 V @ .05 A (as I recall from the meter reading)... I will receive a translation & still photos soon, will communicate them to you...

very impressive... do check it out, well worth the download...
Also, if you haven't spent the $13 yet, you absolutely SHOULD BUY THE CD that Bob is selling with his Rex Research files...its an ENORMOUS amount of information on various inventions and discoveries that Bob has accumulated over the years.

The information on this CD will keep you busy and THINKING for weeks if not months!

This also helps support his site and work...you can get this amazing amount of rare and 'lost' information for a measly $13 at;


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