Hello! Lighting a fluorescent bulb with the Van De Graf is indeed work 
performed, but how much power is the Van using to light the bulb? 
  I have a question for everyone; Can the high voltage from an electrostatic 
machine be channeled through a homopolar generator that will increase the high 
voltage's amplitude? If you could get the 10 or 20 thousand volts coming out of 
your electrostatic genny to have 5 or 6 amps, this would be usable juice. And, 
classical homopolar gennys use a disc within a magnetic field. Can't one be 
built that is Tubular? A tubular design would, it seems to me, decrease the 
force needed to turn the rotor, since the radius between the axle and load 
would be very small. Of course, cooling might be a problem in this design.
  Maybe Walter's machine is wired in a similar way; just as the magnets are 
about to stroke the coils, the electrostatics are piped through the coils 
simultaneously, resulting in a higher, usable amplitude. An electrostatically 
induced magneto? I don't understand why Walter needs 4 car batteries, though. 
Maybe he is using a 'Split the Positive' circuit.  Mitch  
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       11/20/06 - Self-Running Generator powered by Static Electricity

      Interesting article. Walter is right that static is everywhere. But it 
has its set of 'special' problems. I have played around quite a bit with static 
elctricity, even to the point of building my own very large Van de Graf. The 
one thing that I could not do was to hold on to the charge long enough to get 
it to any useful work. It just wouldn't stay in the wires. Every time I tried 
to make a transformer with static, the juice simply ignored the coil, and went 
wherever it wanted to, including right through the dielectric. It was like 
trying to push a rope. I wonder how this guy solved this problem, if indeed 
this is even legit. Another problem is static's dependancy on lower humidity 
conditions. Moisture seems to 'kill' the field, so how does Walter's machine 
perform on a rainy day? I think we need to find this Walter Owens guy, and his 
pending Patent. Mitch 

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