The flow of amperage increases when ³static² electricity is directed through
a circuit that is resonant at 1 mhz in comparison to one that is resonant at
different frequencies. I used high voltage diodes to rectify the
electricity. I did not get mind boggling results, but i did get results that
made me curious. I found this interesting that I got different results with
different resonant circuits. There is a lot more to discover here.

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> How did you increase the amperage ?
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> Static electricity is not really static. I experimented with this kind of
> electricity in the late 80¹s and discovered that ³static² electricity has a
> resonant frequency of ca 1 mhz. In a circut of that frequency, you can
> actually increase the amperage ­ I was trying to find out how the Meternita
> machine works ­ look at the coils. They are also resonant at 1 mhz.
> Mike Cechanowicz
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