I have a some missing things for nearly all topics Qt covers:

1. moc is lacking some sort of plugin mechanism. If there where, developers 
could extend the autocreation of QObjects, with their own ideas.

2. The build system, qmake. It feels very unusable and you have to use a lot 
of hidden secrets if you need more then the common building. Like when you 
have your own source code generation toolset or a more complex dependency 

3. The documentation of QBS is missing the red line within its documentation 
similar to the one for Qt itself, if i click on a classname in the QtDocs the 
Breadcrumbs change to somthing like: "Qt 5.7 > Qt Core > C++ Classes > 
QAbstractAnimation" that way I can jump back to what i was coming from or at 
least a list where I see other possibilities. in Qbs its always: "Qbs Manual > 
Rule Item" What i would expect something like "Qbs Manual > Qbs Items > Rule 
3.1 Personaly I think Qbs is going the right way, not being another Makefile 

4. The mobile APIs are not extended to keep up with current stuff provided by 
iOS and Android, like fingerprint sensors.
4.1 supporting libraries for reading barcodes might be handy as well

5. No way on deploying to web, "code once deploy everywhere" was once the 
slogan, well everywhere except the web. 

6. Regarding all the IoT talk what i miss the most is some sort of RPC 
Framework, either with direct communication and/or through some sort of broker 
6.1 Writing this by ourself would be easier if the moc had a plugin mechanism, 
so at least the header parsing part would have been already done.

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