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I don't think that agile programming is a suitable approach for
back-end code like file-formats, network-protocols, APIs,
frameworks etc.

It's okay for quickly evolving UX, but we are talking about
long-term concepts that need to provide stability and IMHO
that requirement is incompatible to agile programming.

If for example you developed a network protocol in an agile way,
in the end all machines would speak different dialects and you'd
never get them to communicate reliably.

just my 2 cents.

Amen brother Victor, AMEN!

This week's phone app won't be here next week, especially if the phone it was written for gets pulled from the market for random combustion and detonation problems. For better or worse, Qt was sold to customers developing products with multi-decade life spans and those require a _solid_ methodology, not this week's marketing hype.

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