But then way don't I see 'waiting for connection... ' ? Also, If what
you say is true, then is it possible to increase this timeout ?

2017-08-11 17:54 GMT+03:00 Ulf Hermann <ulf.herm...@qt.io>:
> On 08/11/2017 04:48 PM, Alexander Ivash wrote:
>> On launching debugger I see 'QML debugging is enabled. Only use this in a
>> safe environment.' but don't see 'Waiting for connnection...', so it
>> looks line debugger is not completely initialized.
> Does your application do anything complicated before creating the first QML 
> engine? The line is printed and the debugger is initialized once the first 
> QML engine gets created. If that takes forever, Qt Creator might assume that 
> there is no QML engine and give up.
> cheers,
> Ulf
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