Hi every one,

Currently I am working on project that needs some camera manipulations,
like :

   - Fit scene in camera frustum.

   - Fit Entity or more than one in camera frustum.

   - Camera transition must done with animation, like when user fit entity,
   the camera goes to its new position with animation.

What I found were two functions, viewAll, viewEntity.

My questions are :

   - How I fit two separated entities without making a dummy parent entity
   for them then calling camera function,  viewEntity().

   - How I could get the new position from viewAll, or viewEntity so I can
   animate the transition between old camera position and the new one.

I am asking these questions because I do not want to go out of Qt3d
implementation, and could not figure out how to do it with Qt3d.

thanks in advance.

best regards for Qt/Qt3d teams.
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