I am currently reviewing different ways of creating cross plattform
installers for Qt applications (Windows and Linux mainly).

The installers shall work in a classical way, i.e. they shall:
1. work completely offline
2. install no maintenance tool
3. support installing and removing the application
4. be able to do an offline update by running a newer installer
5. work without additional RTEs (like Java)

I consider this a very basic configuration. Still it seems that the Qt
Installer Framework is unable to provide 2. and 4.

At least from what I read in the documentation, in the Qt bug tracker
and in the web, such configuration isn't supported.
Maybe that information is not up-to-date. It seems hard to believe that
such a basic configuration should be a problem.

Regarding the maintenance tool, there seems to be no opt-out config
Regarding offline-upgrade, the installers seem to refuse installing
into existing application folders.

Is it correct that the above isn't officially supported by the Qt IF?

Regards, Bernhard

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