I'm not certain if there's still much of a point in filing bug reports for Qt4, 
so I'll just mention the issue I ran into yesterday here.

I've been using Harfbuzz text rendering on Mac, and started getting crashes 
with certain content after I upgraded the harfbuzz library to 1.7.6 .

I traced the crash to an out-of-boundary issue at the end of 
HB_HeuristicSetGlyphAttributes() in 
src/3rdparty/harfbuzz/src/harfbuzz-shaper.cpp, apparently because the function 
gets called with an item that has length=0.

I cannot say I understand the context, nor why this could happen when Qt4 
apparently uses its own harfbuzz copy, but the issue is reproducible and can be 
avoided with this workaround:


Note that harfbuzz support is always built in, but either always active 
(`configure -harfbuzz`) or activatable with QT_ENABLE_HARFBUZZ=1 .

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