i THINK the replacement for QAbstractVideoSurface is QVideoSink, but there's 
lost functionality..

for example, my media app can take multiple cam inputs and route them all to 
multiple QGraphicsScenes in different windows

in qt5 i did this by subclassing QAbstractVideoSurface, instantiate one and 
call camera->setViewFinder() with it.
there is no setViewFinder() any more.  ?? how do we ... do that now?

in the subclass i would be overriding supportedPixelFormats() to supply the 
available format(s) (using  supportedPixelFormats() which is gone), and 
overriding present() to send the new frame off to each scene with a  
QGraphicsVideoItem in it, but the present() function is gone.  ? it does have 
newVideoFrame(), but that isn't virtual.

how shall i accomplish this?
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