does anyone who worked on Qt6 have any idea about this?

to be clear: it chooses ONE of multiple cam inputs, and multiplexes the output 
to several QGraphicsVideoItems, each one in a different QGraphicsScene (not 
"the same scene in different viewers")

> On Jul 7, 2021, at 12:58 PM, David M. Cotter <> wrote:
> i THINK the replacement for QAbstractVideoSurface is QVideoSink, but there's 
> lost functionality..
> for example, my media app can take multiple cam inputs and route them all to 
> multiple QGraphicsScenes in different windows
> in qt5 i did this by subclassing QAbstractVideoSurface, instantiate one and 
> call camera->setViewFinder() with it.
> there is no setViewFinder() any more.  ?? how do we ... do that now?
> in the subclass i would be overriding supportedPixelFormats() to supply the 
> available format(s) (using  supportedPixelFormats() which is gone), and 
> overriding present() to send the new frame off to each scene with a  
> QGraphicsVideoItem in it, but the present() function is gone.  ? it does have 
> newVideoFrame(), but that isn't virtual.
> how shall i accomplish this?

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