I'm on macOS Big Sur 11.5.1.

First, I must say, that there are NO problems when I use Qt 6.3.0.

But, I HAVE TO use Qt 5.12.12, so please if anyone know something that can help - please help :)

I have my own server, written on Qt, on SSL sockets, with my own CA certificate. I install it using QSslConfiguration::setCaCertificates({myCaCert}). I don't use it widely, only for the socket which is to communicate with my server.

All is working fine under Windows/Linux/Android. But, when it comes to macOS, I'm getting this socket error (when connecting to my server): "the root ca certificate is not trusted for this purpose".

OK, I've made my own security check function as a workaround, which calls ignoreSslErrors(). And it started to work. BUT. My question is not about this. I've got a second problem after this:

While I launch the same binary - all is OK. But if I modify it (so this would happen for our users after we update our app next time), I'm getting this strange message:

Again, if, after that, I build app using Qt 6.3.0 and launch it - this message never appears.

So, this must be an issue with Qt 5.12. What I want to ask for: is there any known workaround to suppress this message under Qt 5.12.12?

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