> On 14. Jul 2022, at 10:19, Alexander Dyagilev <alervd...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, I've removed my own OpenSSL libraries built for macOS and Qt 6.3.0 
> switched to SecureTransport and also started to show that message.
> So:
> Qt 5.12 : uses SecureTransport ALWAYS.
> Qt 6.3 : defaults to OpenSSL, if available. Falls back to SecureTransport if 
> not.
> So. Is there a way to force Qt 5.12 to use OpenSSL instead of 
> SecureTransport? :) I've tried googling but did not find answer.our 

At least if you are willing to build your own Qt, these should do the trick:

configure … -no-securetransport -openssl-runtime


configure … -no-securetransport -openssl-linked

You’ll probably have to bundle OpenSSL to be sure to have it available, in the 
right version, on all macOS versions you need to support, so -openssl-linked 
might be the way to go. 

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