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> > I cannot use qmlpreview, as I usually need to have the full application
> > running.
> You can run any application through QML preview. In Qt Creator (in
> contrast to Qt Design Studio), the option is a bit hidden: There is a
> "QML Preview" Option in the build menu. Use that to start the
> application. You can then right click on any QML file in the project
> tree and "Preview file".
I did not know about that, it looks nice.
But... it does not work with my application, it gets stuck at "QML
Debugger: Connecting to socket"
I tried with the nanobrowser example, the qml reload works but the Qt
WebEngine part does not work.

Also I like to have the option to only reload the QML after triggering a
build, or at least after saving all files, not every time I type a

As it is, it is not usable for me for the main project I work on.
I'll use it for smaller projects though.


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