i try to run a command on Intermapper Server (Windows Based) and then run over 
Nagios NRPE a Command on a Remote Host (Windows Host)

I use:
command[nt_check_disk_c]=C:\NRPE\bin\diskspace_nrpe_nt.exe c: 80 90

as a standart Command from Nagios what not work and i am not sure why. What a 
bit strainge is that the Plugin deliver back:

Nagios Performacne Data
Plugin: command[nt_check_disk_c])c:binI3G0PM

that looks like that Intermapper do not interpret the Command C:\NRPE\bin\... 

I have try to use the documentation from Intermapper but only find some things 
about Linux or Unix hosts but nothing with windows.

Do anybody know what to do?



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