dschnur wrote:
> Cheeze wrote:
> > If there's anything I personally would add to Intermapper, that would be to 
> > emulate one function of Cacti/MRTG. That being, to do a historical and a 
> > count.
> That's something that we'd like to do in Reports, in a broader sense even.  
> Besides what you described, we've had several requests for 'sum' across 
> devices, i.e. the total tx/rx across a set of interfaces on a switch.
> The main difficulty, taking your example, is that it's not completely 
> straightforward to get total bytes sent from bytes/second; at the least you 
> have to multiply by the poll interval, which can change!  Then with different 
> datasets having different summation rules, the next problem is coming up with 
> a reliable way to determine when to apply them.  There are a few other issues 
> as well.
> So as you can see it's a bit more involved than it appears, but we do know 
> that it's something we need to support.
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Completely understood :)

I'm not really a programmer and I don't really know how much WOULD be involved 
in making something like this work. That's why I am not 100% sure how it would 
be done. I have ideas in my head on how it could be done but, well, I don't 
know Intermapper underneath the GUI, and therefore I don't think it would be 
appropriate for me to even speculate on how it could be coded. 

I do however have faith that yalls are coding machines over there and that 
yalls will be able to get it working. I agree with you when you say that 
there's different ways to display the data. That's why this is something that I 
think will have to be designed/thought out in probably a more communal way 
(with the customers) to where both sides can so to speak "win". I don't think 
it's as straightforward as a, "Here, deal with it".

Thank you for looking into it and responding. Intermapper rocks :)

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