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> Hi!
> As you might be aware, I maintain the date time support in PHP. As part
> of that I regularly have to update the rules that timezones employ -
> changes in Daylight Saving Time rules, or other changes to rules due to
> political foibles.
> In the last few years, the maintainer of the Iana TZ Data project has
> diverged somewhat from the consensus of the community, and degraded some
> data by no longer having an entry for each country and merged timezones
> where data does not differ since 1970. (Removing transitions from these
> regions where data **does** differ before 1970, even if these were
> available).
> Java's date/time maintainer has created a fork based on the original
> Iana TZ data to put back some of the removed/deprecated data to better
> serve their users, and I would think that this is also best suited as a
> data set for PHP.
> If you want to read about the intricacies, see:
> https://github.com/JodaOrg/global-tz#rationale
> But this does mean a divergence from the "official" TZ data, although
> Joda's data is arguably better. My recommendation is that from the 2022b
> release we switch to Joda's version. (I will today merge in the 2022a
> data from the Iana source.)
> Comments?
> If you want to discuss this live, come find me in "Room 11":
> https://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/11/php
> cheers,
> Derick

Keeping in mind that people deploying PHP on Linux usually end up using
OS-provided zoneinfo, do you know which source distros base that on? I
think we should follow the distro-consensus here, whatever that may be.


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