On 07/04/2022 11.34, Derick Rethans wrote:
> Hi!
> In the last few years, the maintainer of the Iana TZ Data project has
> diverged somewhat from the consensus of the community, and degraded some
> data by no longer having an entry for each country and merged timezones
> where data does not differ since 1970. (Removing transitions from these
> regions where data **does** differ before 1970, even if these were
> available).
> Comments?

This article [1] mentions that tzdata can be built in a way to include the "merged away" data:

        It is possible to build tzdata with PACKRATDATA=backzone if
        historic pre-1970 data is needed.

Would this be an option, too?

[1] https://developers.redhat.com/articles/2022/01/28/tzdata-time-zone-database-rhel-2021-update


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