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I agree it would be a good idea to run a package analysis, but to be
fair, in all honesty that should have been done for the original RFC,
which was completely missing an impact analysis.
That's a fair point, but of course "somebody else should have done it
already" isn't a good excuse not to do it now.

3. As for the pattern being common or not - the fact that I found it
so easily in multiple random projects which I elected to test the
sniff against, makes me believe the pattern is not _uncommon_.
Since there has been some misunderstanding, the usage I think we need
to look for is where a deprecation notice would *not* be useful.  In
other words, are there people using is_callable in such a way that
even if a value like "parent::foo" changes from returning "true" to
"false", there won't be anything that needs changing, because the code
is equally "happy" with both return values?

I freely admit that I can't think of any such usage off the top of my
head, but I wouldn't have thought of some of the examples already
raised either.

If an actual search fails to find such usages, or provides evidence
that it is very rare, then I am absolutely in favour of adding a
deprecation notice.
Ah! So you're basically asking for the impossible. Search for a code
pattern where a deprecation would not be useful, while noone has been
able to come up with one.

In that case: search done. Nothing found. Let's get this fixed.
Isn't the following a *very* typical use case?

   if (is_callable($callback)) {

If $callback is something like "parent::foo", you get the deprecation
warning when you're actually calling the $callback.  An additional
deprecation warning for the is_callable() call would not be really
helpful in this case.
I do not agree with that assessment. With the huge amount of deprecation notices over the last few versions, it is pretty typical for people to focus *only* on the code flagged by the deprecation notice and not look at the wider context of the code.

So, like already happened in Symfony, the calls involving `call_user_func()` were fixed, but the deprecated usages in calls to `is_callable()` were not.

That said, I see the point in hinting at other usages (such as shown in
the OP), but I'm not really happy about a deprecation.  What about
providing a patch which warns about such usages without planning to
integrate that patch into php-src?  Similar like it was done with

Eh... sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean. I can't imagine you mean creating a patch which is never intended to get merged ? That doesn't sound very useful.


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