On 07.05.22 22:59, Jordan LeDoux wrote:
I like the way you organized the different levels of support within the
feature, it's a good organizational structure for thinking about the
feature-set. Given the feedback though, I found myself a little concerned
that if I created a Level 1 proposal, it's very possible that the people in
groups 1 and 3 above might vote for it. However, in doing so it's also very
possible that all the use-cases those voters care about would then be
covered, and many would then block anything which helps use-cases they do
not commonly use. In essence, the particular feedback I received made me
concerned that passing a Level 1 RFC would basically guarantee that Level
2+ would never happen until the voter base itself was significantly changed.
Creating "smaller steps" (within a certain feature set) seems to have
been the more successful route for PHP RFCs and not necessarily slowed
down further enhancements, in my estimation. The more one single RFC is
about, the more there is to possibly dislike. It is also easier to
reason about less changes at any one point in time and make a more
compelling case for the changes. So I think your overall goal of more
feature-complete operator overloading remains viable even if you start
"small" with a level 1 proposal.

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