Hi Máté,

I agree with this proposal, and I will be voting yes. The function
overloads are not a big issue for PHP developers, and some are very
much in use, but the reasons you listed are convincing and the manner
in which you propose to do it should create an easy upgrade path.

I think one year of deprecation is not enough. I believe the functions
that get replacements should be deprecated immediately in PHP 8.3 to
give people two years of deprecation notice. It doesn't make sense to
me to add a replacement but not deprecate the old variant.

`($rm = new ReflectionMethod(explode(“::”, $string));) ` I think you
forgot a splat operator here.

ReflectionProperty::setValue could have an alternative called
ReflectionProperty::setStaticValue. Then there would be no need for
the unused parameter anymore.

The overload of array_keys should be replaced with a new function
array_search_all. This overload is little known and very confusing.

The overload of ldap_exop should just be deprecated. An alternative
already exists and is the preferred way.

I wasn't aware that pg_execute has an overload apart from the default
connection one. Could you explain what that overload is?

stream_context_set_option should get alternative

What is the last item in Future scope supposed to be, because I think
ReflectionProperty is a typo.

Why is implode() not mentioned in this RFC?


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