On 8/12/05, steve roussey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Just a couple last notes on lingering:
> o Apache 2+ uses SO_LINGER by default if it defined for that system.
> Apache 1 will only use it if you define USE_SO_LINGER (I suppose in
> configure). Apache2 has all sorts of stuff in the comments of the code
> and in the manual which is just wrong. Its all from Apache1 and does
> not reflect on Apache2's implementation. I wish they just erased it
> instead.
sorry, but i don't see any SO_LINGER, except some comments in apache2
source code, even you want to enable it by configure option. can you
bring me to the source or document where you're told that apache2 uses
> o As far as I can tell, current Linux will block until all data is
> sent, then return (doing the actual closing part in the background)
> with SO_LINGER.
> o Lingerd caused my apache setup to crash. It was worth a try if it
> didn't take much effort, but not worth fixing.

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