Hello everbody,

one thing on my mind is the current naming of our internal classes. I
could say the same for our functions but no, I don't have plans to save
the universe, saving the world should be enough for now. So I've tried
to dig through the ext/spl-package as an example how to implement
namespaces for internal classes. Also I did it for SPL now, I would go
on further and discuss such changes e.g. for ext/intl.
And here is the resulting
RFC: http://wiki.php.net/rfc/namespaces-for-internal-classes

The RFC is not ready yet but I want to get feedback on it. The integral
part is the list of renamings and that's fixed, so you can expect a bit
more prose :)
Having that for 5.3 seems like a good idea, as we have a) a number of
added SPL classes, b) most likely new extensions introducing new classes
(ext/intl, ext/phar), c) having it is 5.3 would allow us seemless
transistions to newer PHP versions.

cu, Lars

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