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Am Donnerstag, den 03.07.2008, 16:31 -0500 schrieb Travis Swicegood:
> * Completely bike shedding, but does "Recursive" need its own level?
> RecursiveArray reads better than having Array at two different levels
> to me.

Alright, I will change that.

> * Again, bike shedding, but I like the name ArrayIterator - it  
> defines exactly what the class is while Array doesn't convey very  
> well by itself.  You have to look at the full name in order to  
> understand the process.  This also becomes ambiguous when you're  
> reading the code in PHP.  What does "$a = new Array($some_array);"  
> do?

That's what "use" is for. You would do "use Spl::Iterator::Array as
ArrayIterator" and than "new Array" becomes "new ArrayIterator" which is
pretty clear. Of course, we should add that to the docs if we go that

> You end up with more verbose names by going to a PEAR1 style of  
> naming convention because you have to use the entire name with the  
> namespace in order to convey what the code is supposed to be doing.   
> I would stick with names more closely related to the original names  
> and add "spl::" (see next comment for lowerspace) to signify that  
> they're part of SPL.  So instead of RecursiveArrayIterator, you have  
> spl::RecursiveArrayIterator; SplFileInfo becomes spl::FileInfo, etc.

I see it more as packages. "Spl" is a package consisting of several
subpackages like "Iterator", "Lists", etc. pp.

> * I would change everything except the final class name in the full  
> name to be lowercase.  Using your existing examples:   
> Spl::List::DoublyLinked would be spl::list::DoublyLinked, or better  
> yet spl::DoublyLinkedList, etc.  This helps denote what is a class  
> and what is part of the namespace name.  In the original examples,  
> its ambiguous as to what can be instantiated.  Are Spl and Spl::List  
> classes that can be instantiated?  Moving to the lower space  
> convention makes it easy to denote what is a class and what is just  
> part of the namespace.  This follows the path created by several  
> other languages.

I don't really have an argument against that, except that I honestly
don't like it, sorry :). I'm not sure how I could assume that
"Spl::List" can be instantiated, as I miss the hint that it exists. If
Spl::List is a problem, everybody out there must have a hard time trying
to figure out that there is no StringIterator because ArrayIterator

cu, Lars

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