PLEASE, let the dead horse be!

Apparently, this horse is not as dead as some would like it to be :)

The horse is not dead or if so then no proper burial service was given. People are still waiting for the invitations and wanting to hear the eulogy.

So, instead I'll make the following assumptions and engrave them into this topics tombstone:

 - short_open_tag is fully alive
 - short_open_tag is PHP_INI_SYSTEM|PHP_INI_PERDIR
 - all distributed php.ini files disable it (5.3+)
 - the default will be enabled, forever, unless #5 is used
 - --disable-short-tags will exist, forever
 - no new alternative syntax will be implemented, ever

That's the situation people should understand and since this horse is considered dead I will:

 - update php.ini ini descriptions to reflect this
 - update documentation to reflect this
 - mark as declined
 - point to the declined rfc when people suggest these alternatives

All discussion is over unless a human knows the above synopsis is false, because CVS has spoken. RIP.


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