I didn't say PHP tags were valid XML. I said short_open_tag conflicts
with <?xml and other PIs.

<% is not valid XML either, but it doesn't conflict with processing


Stan Vassilev | FM wrote:
> Hi,
> A vote in support of short tags, although last time I checked they
> were not removed in PHP6 (and I hate to see this brought up once more).
> On top of that, the supposed XML conflict argument is not fully
> thought through, since full PHP tags are not XML compliant either:
> <?php echo "?>"; ?>
> In the above example, XML parsers would do this:
> Processing directive: <?php echo "?>
> Text node: "; ?
> Parse error: >
> As you see, it's a much simpler world when we realize PHP was never
> supposed to be XML in the first place. However it was supposed to be a
> preprocessing templating engine, and so we need to keep it optimized
> for that.
> Regards,
> Stan Vassilev

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