I am submitting quite an interesting patch to PHP 5.2.11 and PHP 5.3.0. It is 
used in production on hundreds of machines without any issues.

Basically the patch adds the autofunc function that performs quite in the same 
way like autofunc, only that it does it for functions. As do you know, if PHP 
can not find a function it will issue a fatal error. With autofunc you can find 
the function somewhere and load it. Management of large no OOP projects (or 
mixed OOP/procedural) is much easier with this. I know that there are 
workarounds for loading functions, like adding them static to classes, but this 
is not efficient and involves important changes to code.

I have attached some PHP files to test with, you must execute index.php that 
will load autofunc when the loaded functions can not be found.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the patch. 

Best regards,

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