Hi Internals,

Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS) getting more and more
popular. In fact they have been discussed within the PHP community and
on Internals a few times. It came to my attention that more and more
people like to see PHP move to a DVCS to solve some of the current
issues (and get other ones).

I was asked to put together a RFC, and so here we are. I've created
an initial draft. It is mostly based on the very good Python PEP-0374.
It compares Git and Mercurial.


There are reasons for choosing these systems:
   * Both are quite popular
   * I know them
   * Most PHP devs that I know, know at least on of them
   * Big projects have recently moved to them, they have
     similar requirements like PHP

The RFC is far from done, so please help me finishing it and get it out.

This is a call for participation to help to get a (probably heated)
discussed started and work on the RFC to make it good enough to finally
choose a system or, and that is a valid option, stay with SVN.

So if:
  - you are interested in DVCS
  - know a little bit about PHPs requirements for a DVCS
  - are not a fanboy

Feel free to discuss this and add your thoughts to the RFC. I would
love to not do this on my own. Feel free to catch me on IRC (dsp_ on
php.pecl) and discuss it.

NOTE: this is not the place for any religiouise discussion about git vs
mercurial whatsover. if you have nothing else to add than "hg is $***
anyway" or think hosting platform XY will solve all our problems
without reading the RFC carefully, please post to alt.relgion.* and not

- David

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