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I know this was discussed a number of times here, but just to bring it
to a conclusion - I intend to apply patch in the bug report - which
removes conversion for strings that do not convert to integers - to 5.4.
If anybody sees anything that breaks because of this please tell. Not
sure what about 5.3 - Johannes, could you please comment?
I've run the tests and the patch does not seem to cause any breakage.

I should point out that "remove[ing] conversion for strings that do not convert to integers" (let's call it proposition A) is not exactly what the patch does. In addition to that condition, one other is required:

* The floats a and b the strings convert to are such that a - b == 0.0 (B)

It's implemented as

    if (oflow1 != 0 && oflow1 == oflow2 && dval1 - dval2 == 0.) { ... }

This is irrelevant for == or != comparisons. Let's call C "strings are equal in the memcmp() sense". If only A is evaluated, then if ~A, the result of the comparison is the value C, i.e., if strings do not convert to integers, the result of the comparison is the result of memcmp(). Also under ~A, if we add B into the mix, we have the following results:

    B  ~B
C   1  can't occur
~C  0  0

But for the comparisons >, <, etc. the result may be surprising. Under ~A && ~B && ~C, using only the first condition results in a memcmp() comparison, while under the two comparisons results in the floats being compared. See:

$ php -r 'var_dump(strcmp(" 9223372036854775809", "-9223372036854775808"));'
int(-1) (str1 is less than str2)
$ php -r 'var_dump((float)" 9223372036854775809" < (float)"-9223372036854775808");'

So the float comparison behavior under ~B (what's in the patch) may seem more desirable because it preserves the numerical comparison when possible (and we don't have to add leading whitespace and zeros to the mix, strcmp("9, "11") returns 1). Until you realize it's alternating between two behaviors depending on whether B or ~B. So:

"9223372036854775809" < " 09443372036854775809" (true, -- floats differ, compare as float) "9223372036854775809" < " 09223372036854775810" (false -- floats are the same, memcmp)

In both cases (incorporating the test for B or not), there's no escaping a discontinuity in behavior, unless we revert not to memcmp() but to a custom string comparison function that strips whitespace and leading zeros, compares the size of the input and finally calls memcpy().

Gustavo Lopes

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