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On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 11:26 AM, Stanislav Malyshev
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>> I think we are better to limit max collisions.
>> I'm +1 for Nikita's proposal does this.
> Max collision per what? How much would be the limit?

Collision by keys.

It would be nice to have configurable limit like regex stack/backtrack limit.
That said, wouldn't 1000 enough for almost all apps?

Anyway, we have two choices
 - Simply limit the number of collisions. (Fast and has no impact to code)
 - Use crypt safe hash and salt. (Slow and has impact to opcache/etc)

Limiting something is good to have sometimes.
Python even limits number of recursions to 1000 by default.
We have PCRE stack/backtrack limits. (We'll have mbregex stack limit soon)
Collision limit is good one also.


Yasuo Ohgaki

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