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On 08.10.2016 at 20:56, Anatol Belski wrote:

> The support for libqdbm is now added to master, the current 
> dependency builds are fetchable here
> http://windows.php.net/downloads/php-sdk/deps/vc14/ or from the full
> package.


> I was looking for other possible components to support, but seems
> libqdbm is the only what is viable ATM. Though some more recent
> components can be implemented, but that's another story. Two tests
> are failing for me in ext\dba, that'll need some attention.

I can confirm that dba_flatfile.phpt and dba_qdbm.phpt are failing.  I
had already filed <https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=72885> a while ago
which appears to be the reason for the dba_flatfile.phpt failure.
Running the supplied reproduce script results in different test.txt
files; namely, the deletion marker (NUL) is inserted in the wrong place
when run under Windows.

It seems that php_stream_seek()[1] has different behavior in "a+" mode
on Windows than on Linux.  On Linux it appears to successfully set the
position, but on Windows it appears to fail.  However, in both cases
php_stream_seek() returns 0.


Christoph M. Becker

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