>> So the problem basically is that in PHP 7.0 both print_r and var_dump 
>> directly
>> print to output. This means that by the time the exception is thrown, we've
>> already written output. This makes it unclear how exactly the exception 
>> should
>> be handled. Is it okay to just print everything and handle the exception
>> afterward? This seems odd to me -- if an operation fails it shouldn't do 
>> anything.

This sounds nice in theory, in practice often impossible. I.e. if you
already started printing and then some dependency fails, then you get
half-printed output. That's fine IMHO. Exception is not a normal
condition, so you get result which is not normal.

>> In PHP 7.1 I've rewritten print_r() to use an internal buffer, so we could 
>> handle
>> this case completely gracefully. The same change could be implemented for
>> var_dump(). With this approach we'd only print anything if no exception
>> occurred.

This is ok, but I don't think it's required. If you've got in exception
in conversion, all bets are off, any result that passes a low sanity
margin IMHO is ok - including both printing whatever happened before the
exception and not printing anything.

Stas Malyshev

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