I am seeing a strange performance drop on our production servers in
the PHP components.

It happens usually after 1-3 uptime days, the response time suddenly
doubles. I already investigated to try to isolate any strange request,
but found nothing. We are having 2k to 4k RPM, the stack is PHP-FPM
7.0.X (currently 12, I just updated) into Docker containers, images
are based on the official PHP-FPM Docker image.

The usual response time is ~25ms, and it surges to ~50ms after this
"event". Here's a typical graph of the issue :

After restarting the docker containers (so the PHP-FPM processes), it
just works fine again.

I don't really know how to investigate further. If you have any
pointers on how to help figuring out what's wrong, I'd love to try.



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