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>Before I begin, and without picking on anyone specific, I want to say that
>it is generally unhelpful to say that because I, or others, do not know how
>the engine is set up that it is impossible to make any meaningful
>contributions to the list or on this issue specifically.  My clients don't
>understand HTML.  If I told them they needed to study how HTML works
>before trying to give me input on the sites I'm building for them I'd likely 
>be fired. 

While I understand your frustration, I don't think anyone here is saying you 
shouldn't offer any input, only to be aware of your own limitations when 
presenting it.

To use your analogy, imagine if a client came to you and said "we think it 
would be cool if the page changed colour as the user looked at different parts 
of the screen". You probably wouldn't ask them for details of what colours they 
wanted, with a vague idea that you'd research if it was possible to implement 
eye-tracking in browser JS later; more likely, you'd say "yes, that would be 
cool, but I'm pretty sure it's not possible". If they went ahead and gave you a 
10-page spec "in case you work out how to do it after all", that would be a 
waste of everyone's time.

So, back to the subject at hand: it is useful to share ideas on the typing 
strategy PHP should be taking, things like which types of value you'd like to 
see checked, whether we need both auto-casting and type errors, whether all of 
this should be switched off in production, and the implications for the user of 
those various decisions. But there's always the possibility that those ideals 
won't be possible, so details like the exact keywords to use for each type of 
variable are probably best left vague and sorted out later.

I'll also echo a previous request that you apply for a wiki account to make 
your document more readable; or maybe just put it as a github gist or on your 
own website, and treat it as more of a wishlist and discussion piece than a 
spec that core developers are going to commit to.


Rowan Collins

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