I just want to add: vote is not very obvious - non internals people are
getting too excited about this :P Please consider:

People that don't have an IDE that handles the imports automatically, will
be effectively forced to prefix \ to everything, which is really ugly.

But again, prefixing \ is not even the end of the world. I bet that if
fallback to global scope didn't exist from the beginning, we wouldn't care
anymore about prefixing \.

PHP has tons of global symbols, it's not like other languages that have
functions organized in classes.
Doing the most basic array and string operations will easily  require 4-5
imports, probably more. If all I had to do was `use String;` and all the
string functions were available as methods on strings, then it would be
completely fine.

On the other hand, string functions are rarely used, and arrays can be
replaced by oop collections like spl, ds, or even userland ones.

Function autoloading is almost a development feature only, since in a few
years we'll all likely use opcache, which doesn't need autoloading.

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