> To get the same benefits (jit and such) wouldn't it be better to introduce
> a "use function root;" or similar statement or a declare() to specify this
> file imports all root functions?

We already have this right now, and realistically speaking, who wouldn't
do that in their code instead of writing weird \strlen() code? Everybody
would configure their IDEs and so to insert this automatically. So we're
talking about RFC to make people work harder for what they already have
now and then end up in the same place we are already right now.

> was acted on at any time in the future. and in addition people will silence
> the notices on global error reporting level, because violations would

And note also that we can't silence just this warning. Which means
people would have to silence *all* warnings, thus making all other
messages useless. This is not a good development and this is not what we
should be training users to do - saying "well, it's a warning, just
silence it" is the worth idea we could have. If we create a warning,
recommendation should be "it's important enough so we call your
attention to it, please deal with it", not "just silence it". If it's OK
in most cases (as opposed to rare exceptional cases) for it to be
silenced, it shouldn't be there in the first place.

Stas Malyshev

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