> Hello, dear Internals.
> First, thanks to Niklas Keller for giving me permission to write an *RFC*!
> After that, I like to propose and discuss a new function for PHP 7.x
> (current 7.3): is_countable.
> *RFC*: https://wiki.php.net/rfc/is-countable.
> I tried to describe everything there, but of course, let's discuss
> everything that should be improved to get this functions merged into the
> Core.
> Thanks,
> --
> Gabriel Caruso

 Hello again, dear internals.

One month since the `is_countable` RFC had open.

We have add the support for `count_elements` (thanks @duncan3dc), so we can
use this function with internal classes as well.

There's only one open discussion from @morrisonlevi, but I do believe is
related to arginfo return type, which isn't used in the core yet, so I kept
without it.

Is something else we should do it, or I can open the voting next week

Gabriel Caruso

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