On 01.08.2018 at 20:29, Pedro Magalhães wrote:

> Although travis and appveyor do most of the work, I think there is still
> some value in having our own Jenkins. Namely, the ability to run other test
> suites for each change in the PHP repo. IIRC, the old jenkins instance was
> also running the wordpress tests for every change to PHP, which can help us
> find issues earlier. I have been maintaining a Jenkins instance for PHP
> that you can find in https://php-ci.pmmaga.net/ with the configuration and
> pipeline definitions in https://github.com/pmmaga/php-jenkins-pipelines
> If anyone finds some value in having something like this and wishes to
> revive our instance, I'd be glad to help setting it up. If we feel that
> Travis + Appveyor are enough, that's fine too :)

Well, on further consideration it seems that having our own CI would be
nice, especially if we'd run further test suites or different
configurations there.  On the other hand, someone would actually to have
a look at the test results, and act on failing tests.  Any volunteers?

Christoph M. Becker

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