Am 14.08.2019 um 10:39 schrieb Peter Kokot <>:
>> The best counterargument I can give against "cleaning up" is that it takes 
>> energy away from actual new features, even if it's just the mental energy of 
>> monitoring and responding to long threads like this one.
> Code is like a garden. If there are unwanted weeds and nobody cleans
> them up, the flowers don't shine and grow as they should.  Cleaning of
> the weeds is just as important as new features. A bit less but
> important.

Going with your analogy: Some things (like short open tags) are that individual 
small flower in the corner of the garden which does not multiply. We already 
spent way too much time discussing it, the rest of the garden needs water and 
the gardeners are fighting over a dandelion. A bike-shed discussion at its 
worst: No real gain but everybody has an opinion.
Real cleaning up, now that's where it gets interesting. And those discussions 
tend to be more productive even recently.

Oh and: I'm very much afraid the OP was trolling and succeeded in getting 
people to react, so please, please let this particular thread die :-(

- Chris

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